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Queen Bees

It all starts with good cows.

What is the most important bee in a beehive? The queen of course, that's why I believe in the 'Queen bee' principle, it's about the female side of breeding. You usually get one calf per cow per year, we got 15 with embryo flushing.

The importance of the cow in a breeding program is the same as the Queen bee in a beehive.

The Queen bees below are cows sold by Toverberg Simmentalers which made a huge financial impact on the buyers' herds. These cows' bloodlines have performed exceptionally well over and over again, and have even delivered some of the world's best stud bulls.

Toverberg Erika, AK999

BAR 5 S.A. Piona, CO03817

Toverberg Ragel, AK006

Total = R665 000

Von-Adel Exdi, NV0819

Erico Napra, E08150

Salerika Eksellent, UG0481

Toverberg Tombi, AK9644

Toverberg Tombi was selected as the National Supreme Champion at the Pretoria Show in 2005 out of 450 Simmentalers. Tombi has been used successfully in the Leeupoort stud for 15 years.

Offspring sold by Leeupoort: Total direct financial value for Leeupoort = R463 000

Leeupoort Driessie, PN09100

Leeupoort Betombi, PN13563

Toverberg Tessa, AK0039

Tessa was purchased for R100 000. Offspring sold by Leeupoort:
  • Production Auction 2011 = R150 000
  • MultiSim 2012 = R52 000
  • Commercial Bulls = R200 000
Total direct financial value for Leeupoort = R402 000

Both Toverberg Tombi and Toverberg Tessa are offspring of Toverberg Tali AK9224, ie the total financial impact of Toverberg Tali on the Leeupoort herd = R865 000.

Bar 5 S.A. Lady Siska, CO01443

International prestige for Simmentalers with Toverberg genetics - Lady Siska sold for US $1,000,000 in Brazil.


Successful breeding stands on two pillars - appearance & genetic background.